Anger Management

Why Learn How To Control Your Anger?

If you feel bad just think how the other person feels.  Learn how to control your anger with court approved online classes.  Another reason to learn to control your anger is that many doctors believe that high levels of anger is a leading cause of serious health problems like heart disease, stroke. sleep and digestive problems.

Are you under the influence of your emotions? Anger is an emotion that can have long term consequences if you make the right or wrong decision while under the influence. Do you know someone who needs to learn how to deal with anger?

Effective communication does not leave either person feeling devalued. An argument should not leave the other person wounded physically or emotionally.  Recent studies indicate that unforgiveness and  uncontrolled anger affect us physically.

Explosive people who hurl objects or scream at others may be at greater risk for heart disease,  Emotions such as anger activate the “fight or flight response,” where stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, increase your heart rate and breathing.  Blood pressure also rises as your blood vessels constrict.

Learn to argue without getting personal. You must learn to control your anger. Love is not abusive.

There is a principle in the bible that is called sowing and reaping, in the world it’s called cause and effect and in some religions it’s called karma. It is a law. Whatever you put out there in life is what you get back in life.

People overcome by anger have committed serious crimes against family, friends and people they don’t even know. Anger has caused physical and verbal abuse and has caused many relationships to fail. You have to deal with anger or your anger will deal with you. There are people in prisons right now because they did not learn how to control their anger.

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In Ephesians, scripture says be angry but do not sin; and do not let the sun go down on your anger. The Bible also says to be slow to anger, and that anger rest in the bosom of fools. Anger rest, takes a break, is comfortable, and is relaxed in the bosom of fools.

Anger can be useful, and there are some things that should make us angry. But people who get angry quickly, stay angry a long time and whose anger is uncontrolled are fools. Learning how to control your anger can help you have less stress, better relationships and a better life.

According to  studies published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, evidence supports a relationship between emotions and heart disease.  So if you learn to control your anger you could also be in better health.

If you learn how to control your anger you may find that some arguments are not worth having. Ask yourself if you win what do you get? And did you really win if you did not fight fair? If you did not fight fair then the other person is feeling wounded, devalued and angry.

Learn how to deal with your anger so that you and the people who are in relationship with you will be happier and have less stressful lives. Learn how to deal with your anger so you do not constantly have to ask for forgiveness and the other person involved is not constantly having to forgive you for something you’ve said or done.

Once you are no longer angry do you regret what you’ve said or done? Learn how to deal with anger. Learn how to control your emotions. Learn how to fight fair.

Types of Abuse

Domestic Abuse -When one person in the relationship attempts to gain and maintain control of the other person

Emotional Abuse is designed to destroy your self esteem. Initially you may not even know that you are being affected. If someone speaks negatives to you and about you long enough, it will gradually affect your self esteem. It is a subtle, cunning and clever.

If you cannot escape right way, my advice is that you open your Bible and know what God says about you, know that you are a child of God. Think on the things that the word of God advises you to think about yourself. He said you are precious.

Physical Abuse-Being hit, pushed or forced to engage in sex or undesired sexual acts.

If you think or feel you might be in an abusive relationship and need more information contact:

Ambrose Bierce once said, “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”

Adult Bullying

Adults with anger management problems help to create children with anger management problems.  Bullying is defined as the act of intentionally causing harm to others, through verbal harassment, physical assault, or other more subtle methods of coercion.

Bullying in the workplace is defined as repeated acts and practices that are directed deliberately or unconsciously, but clearly cause humiliation and distress, and that interfere with job performance and/or cause an unpleasant work environment”(Einarsen, 1999).  It is also not uncommon for victims to lose confidence, be afraid to attend work and have trouble concentrating. Bullying in the workplace effects the bully, victims and people who are watching and not participating. Bullies in the workplace have a negative impact on the performance of employees and as a result on the entire organization (Harvey, Treadway, Heame,& Duke, 2009).

Bullying is moving into the offices and boardrooms of adult workplaces. But why not, if the bully got away with it in childhood and during their teens and never learned positive social behavior, why would they have changed. The better question should be why wouldn’t they use bullying at work?

Lewis (2010) stated that children who never learn to stop bullying, grow up and become adult bullies, and have problems getting along with others, both personally and professionally. Studies indicate that these people are also more likely to commit crimes.

Adult bullies are usually angry, resentful, unfulfilled men and women and their lack of social skills cause them to be unable to create and maintain friendships. They push people away with their aggressive behavior and the result is that they are lonelier than normal people.  (Tritt, 1997).

If you are a bully, learn how to change your behavior, learn social skills now so that you can have a more fulfilling life.  Once you become an adult you are responsible for learning positive social skills and learning how to manage anger.

In life no one gets away with anything. Call it karma, call it cause and effect or call it sowing and reaping. Whatever you put out in life, is what you get back. It is a law and no one escapes.

My advice, be encouraged because if you sow respect, plant positives, scatter excellence, deposit good seed, your harvest will be great.Click Here! To get the how to deal with your anger e-book.

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