My prayer is that my speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that I may know how to answer every person. (Col 4:6.)

The mission of Seasoned with Salt is to offer suggestions, recommendations, advice, help, tips and encouragement from a Christian perspective. To listen or offer suggestions regarding a decision or course of conduct or action you are considering. Can we talk?

To be the person you can talk to about life, relationships, spiritual issues, questions or concerns. Do you have anger issues? Maybe you just need confirmation on what you know is right or wrong. The one who will give you a different view or opinion; a Christian point of view. Let’s Talk!

Seasoned with Salt, will help take away some of the anxiety you are having about your situation or problem and offer another way of thinking about situations. Do you have dating or premarital concerns?

We are always looking for fulfilling relationships.  Why do I think that?  Because people keep trying to be in a relationship.  If you have a relationship with God first, a good relationship with your family, positive relationships with friends and acquaintances, and a wise relationship with money, you are on track for a fulfilling life. Lets TalkDo you ever ask yourself, what was I thinking? Usually after the fact. Do you sometimes say I have to something even if it’s the wrong thing? Lets talk

Contact me: Crystal@seasonedwithsalt.com

 I know how things look sometimes, but I trust in my relationship with God too much to settle for what things look like. I am a positive person and I have made a decision that even though I know how things appear sometimes, I have to trust God.

I choose to try to see things the way God does. I can imagine something better and believe for better. You can too! I cannot give up on God, He has been faithful. I have made enough decisions on my own; that I have decided that for me, if God does not go, I don’t want to go either. Do you need a different perspective? Do you need to forgive? Maybe you just need to talk.

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